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    Earn 30 days payment terms.

  • All risk insurence

    coverage for your loads.

  • Single point of contact for all

    Trucking Services.


Digital Transportation Platform

DIGINAK, is a "Digital Transportation Platform". The Platform generates end to end solution for registered shippers with high treacebility and efficiency.

DIGINAK, creates turn key competitive services via unique and new generation transportation model for on-demand daily transportation needs.

DIGINAK is a registered trademark of "Optimum Lojistik ve Ticaret A.S.", that develops «Smart Transportation Technologies and Fintech»


Who can use?

Digital Transportation Platform

All registered and approved shippers, can use DIGINAK for on-demand transportation needs and can easily benefit from digital transportation advantages. All you need to do is to become a registered shipper of diginak.com. Registration to Diginak.com is free of charge.

Transportation Business Organizer

Digital Transportation Platform

DIGINAK, executes digital transportation business under TIO ( Transportation Business Organizer) license given by Ministry of Transportation.


How it works?

Digital Transportation Platform


The advantages you will have by using Diginak.com platform;


30 days payment terms for your on-demand transportation services.


500.000 TL/Truck insurance coverage of your Loads.


Single point of contact for all Trucking services


Simplified accounting and financial process


Digital document access


No Fake invoicing risk


Full treacibility of of your load and location sharing of transfer with your receiver.


7/24 Online Customer Service



Membership is essential however after your application, our finance team will conduct a risk analysis and define a working limit for your company or ask for re-visit. You can arrange your transportations up to assigned limit.

The working limit is the indicator of how much transportation service you can receive from DIGINAK. When you reach your limits, you will be requested to pay for continue receiving transportation service.

DIGINAK will be the single point of contact for your all transportation needs. Instead of dealing with tens of Truck owners monthly, DIGINAK will group all service provides under its umbrella and coordinate your needs digitally!

You can easily carry out your on-demand daily transports via DIGINAK. We are not a yearly contract logistics service provider, we focus on daily service.

You can submit your transportation requests via diginak.com, or you can share with us by phone or e-mail. ( www.diginak.com , +90 216 574 06 60 , operation@diginak.com , 0 530 139 93 17)

DIGINAK, will inform you the cost of the transportation service, the service will be initiated after your verbal or written confirmation.

Your PoD (Proof of Delivery will be shared digitally.

DIGINAK is a member of e-invoicing system. If you are also, you will be receiving it via e-invoicing sytem, if not diginak.com will automatically e-mail your e-archive invoice.

The service fee will be paid to DIGINAK. We are not a commisioner, we are a turnkey transportation service provider.

All your loads will be under our insurance guarantee up to 1.000.000 TL per Truck. You can also ask for additional insurance for your transportations for higher load value.

DIGINAK is your direct contact for damage and loss in your loads.

Yes, you can track the location of your shipments by clicking on the e-mail information link sent to you.

For more questions, please contactwith , www.diginak.com, +90 216 574 06 60, operation@diginak.com, 0 530 139 93 17.

Contact Us

Digital Transportation Platform

Optimum Lojistik ve Ticaret A.Ş

Kucukbakkalkoy Mah. Nartanesi Sok. No: 1/1/3 Atasehir , Istanbul Turkey

+90 216 574 06 60